Why did I have a stroke?

Updated: October 2020

This is a question I’ve asked myself a million times.

No cast-iron cause for my stroke was discovered. Every test was negative. However, I have suffered with a couple of known stroke risk factors for many years, so I know some possible causes.

High Blood Pressure

I have had hypertension for 20+ years. Pre-stroke, I was never happy that my BP was controlled, despite taking medication. After the stroke, the medication was overhauled and since that time – taking completely different medicine – it has been pretty normal.

If you have persistently high BP, I’d recommend keeping on at your doctors to keep experimenting with your meds, changing meds until it comes under control. Do not take “No” for an answer – there are many different BP meds on the market, and I think one of my mistakes was that I was too hands-off.


I have been diabetic for probably as long. Both parents, plus most of my father’s family, were diabetic. Again, I have taken meds for years. Again, they were completely re-vamped following the stroke. This is a common theme.

I was quite hands-off with my diabetes, although I am more hands-on with it now. I have to inject insulin each day, although my improved medication, combined with regular testing, give me a far better idea of how different foods affect me.