Holy Mackerel

My brother, now there is a tale,
Went fishing on rather large scale,
Got caught in a storm,
His boat wouldn’t conform,
And then he got ate by a whale.

There’s some more family nonsense here:

Double Whammy

My family’s not having much luck,
My auntie got hit by a truck,
Took ten men to render,
And peel from the fender,
You might say she had come unstuck.

you might want to read this in conjunction with my “uncle” poem, what I wrote a few hours ago.

And, before anybody comments, I realise that people do get hit by trucks, and that it is tragic. All deaths are tragic. They are also unavoidable, so how else can we look at death, except with a strong dose of humour?

There’s some more family nonsense here:


for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 29 November 2020, succcumb.

My uncle, sad tale, must relate
Home improvements have sealed poor guy’s fate,
He hammered his thumb,
Turned blue, then succumbed,
Now heavenly angels await.

There’s some more family nonsense here:

Any Nibbles Today?

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 28 November 2020, modicum. A particularly silly one today, because Saturday ends in “y”.

Whilst drunk and decidedly stewed,
The trawlerman stripped himself nude!
Please exhibit a modicum,
You’re harming our cod income,
Behave or you’ll end up fish food!


I wrote a poem yesterday and deliberately left it as a cliff-hanger, so every reader had the opportunity to construct own, unique version of events after I left off. Here is mine, continuing in verse form:

They walk back for their nightcap,
Of course, he’s wanting more,
But as they reach his hotel,
She pauses at the door.

“I can’t go through with this”, she says,
“It just does not feel right”,
“It isn’t you, it’s me, my love”,
And, once again, takes flight.

Away at a safe distance,
She realises misguide,
This all too topsy-turvy,
She hails another ride.

One minute scarlet woman,
Now going home instead,
On ride home she determines,
What future lies ahead.

When reaches her apartment,
She knows what she must do,
She wakes her dozing husband,
“I’m sorry, babe, we’re through.”

So there we are, they both struck out. She thinks it’s wrong to commit adultery but she also think it’s better to be out of a failing relationship.