Movie Time

‘Cos it’s March, my streaming service is currently showing an Oscar season. Oscar-winning movies.

I settled down to watch one last night – Dallas Buyers Club.

I’m a nonce at most everything creative, so I’d never heard of it before. On the offchance that you haven’t either, I’d highly recommend it.

It’s set at the very start of AIDS. A very macho chap is diagnosed, and the story tells this guy’s personal journey. I guess you’ll remember from the time, the almighty clamour to find new meds that would help, and while the movie is this guy’s personal story, it highlights the distinctly unhealthy relationship between big pharma and the FDA.

Putting on my best Wikipedia voice, this 2013 movie won three oscars (actor, supporting actor and makeup. Makeup???) and was nominated for the biggie, Best Picture. Well worth the watch.


  1. Not one to read “reviews” for oft-declared reasons, this [read] was interesting nonetheless. Me? I am put-off by all things Holly/Bolly/Tollywood, don’t care what the Cohen Brothers think I should watch to become ever so much more a sophisticant, and frankly all-done with ‘Merican Hollyidiots opining for me to “understand” the nuances of current society. Finding, when I must “zone” better quality, more originality in foreign films. Spanish, Korean, French for example. Do well, Bumper.

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    • I pretty much agree, that’s why I pretty much limited the post to saying “I enjoyed it”. To people who don’t already read me, it’ll be meaningless, but to anyone who does, you all know the kind of things that float my boat (hopefully by now!) so can apply my “enjoyment” in that context.

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      • Watched a few really good Italian flicks. Not mentioned as most “readers” have the attention spans of granite, can handle at best three or four list items. Not an oversight. As to “critics,” professional and amateur alike, it simply irks me they feel I should be thrilled to hear their opinions. [As you] I am not.

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