Reblog: NAME THAT TUNE (MARCH 12, 2023)

Nancy posted another Name That Tune today on our new blog, The Rhythm Section.

Round here I’m the village idiot, so had no clue, but see if you know!

The Rhythm Section

Welcome to another edition of Name That Tune; I’m Nancy, The Sicilian Storyteller and it’s my turn to toss out the questions.

Ok! Let’s see how you do this week with what I have prepared for you. And we’re off:

  1. The singer of today’s song was born on June 7, 1940 and is primarily of English descent. Hmmm. He received an OBE in 1998 and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2005 for services to music.
  2. This campy 1965 tune was the singer’s second U.K. hit and is the theme song for a star-studded movie of the same name. The movie received mixed reviews and changed cast members several times before being released.
  3. Today’s wildly popular, hip-swiveling ‘sex-bomb‘ of a singer has the same name as a well-known period piece movie which was described as “bawdy as the British were bawdy when a wench had to…

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