The Daily Challenge

I asked my last Millionaire question yesterday, but if you are interested…

Yesterday’s answer: Venus. “Inferior” = closer to the sun than earth.

Hope you enjoyed the ride!


    • I’m glad you contacted me. Over the next few months I wanted to buy some of your art. Not originals, but I thought I’d try a print from Redbubble to see what the quality was like. To hang on walls in my house. Which one of their products should I be looking at? I was thinking of a canvas print, is that a good idea?
      Or, do you know of a way where (a) you get more commission and (b) I get good quality art hanging on my wall? For about the same price as Redbubble will charge.

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      • That would be awesome, Pete! ☺ I don’t make much on Redbubble or Fine Art America, but all sales are appreciated! I know someone who bought a metal print of my work from Redbubble and they said it is really great quality. I wish I could send you an original, but the shipping costs are outrageous to the UK. I think a canvas print would be really cool! Thanks again for all your support, and let me know if there is a painting you like that is not already uploaded to RB, I would be happy to add it to the collection! ☺

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        • The first one I’m gonna get I think you named Fame. It’s lighter than your usual art. But I’m gonna wait until the money actually starts rolling in until I buy anything in case they fire me after two weeks!


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