Full Circle

A hot air balloon, in the shape of a red heart

A Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers. I thought I’d celebrate with a traditional Shakespearean sonnet. What do you think?

Your Venus form compelled the angels weep,

Your soft caress reduced me to my knees,

Became my dream, enhancing deepest sleep,

My lifelong goal, to honour and to please.

Forged close, as one, we weathered winter’s squalls,

Your loving smile was ample for reward,

Your willing servant, aiding on your call,

An orchestra which played the sweetest chords.

Once past my prime, though, love did not suffice,

Devoted years tossed valueless to nought,

No pleas reduced you, softened or enticed,

I forge alone, a distant afterthought.

If you’d but known, the trophy of the pack,

If I’d but known, your viperous heart of black.


  1. Ah, hindsight. And still we seek connection through love in its many forms. I have a cat who bites me when he’s feeling lovey-dovey, and an SO who tempts me with evil things in order for me to allow him his vices (overlook, ignore, or simply sigh). It seems there’s always a price to pay, but I’d draw the line at a viperous heart.

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