Ain’t No Sunshine

For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #200, based on the image above from the Google Next Hub Photo Gallery.

“That’s it! We did it! Soon, I’ll have the world at my feet! Leaders will come crawling to me. I’ll be rich beyond the dreams of avarice! I’ll be the most powerful man on the planet!”

“Er, yes, sir, Mister Luthor, sir. Whatever you say, Mister Luthor, sir.” Otis did not dare disagree with the boss. He knew the moods which might result.

Just then, into Luthor’s secret lair blew a strong gust of wind, which caused the corner of the cargo net to flap about.

“Quickly, Otis, fix that. I don’t want it getting away.”

The net secured, Luthor relaxed, edging closer to examine his prize.

“Isn’t it wonderful, Otis? And mine, all mine.”

Otis hesitated. “Yes sir, Mister Luthor”, adding sheepishly, “but I’m sure gonna miss seeing the sun up there in the sky.”

Prompt image for the Fandango's Flash Fiction prompt


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