Following Instructions

For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #198, based on the image above from the WordPress Free Photo Library. Three minutes today.

“Cissy? I’m fed up of asking you. Can you get down here and take the trash out? Now, young lady.”

Will you just get the fuck off my case?

“Alright, dad, I’m just coming.”

“Come on, honey. You may be in ninth grade, but you still have your chores around the house, remember?”

WTF, bad cop, good cop. Make up your mind, you fucktard. I’d better get down just so he quits his whining.


“Here you are, Cissy. We’re overflowing today, and that cardboard box has to go into the Recycling, too.”

A brown cardboard box, itself stuffed with cardboard packaging, sat neatly next to the bin.

“And Cissy?”


“Thank you for your help.”

There was nothing to stop you getting off your lazy, fat ass and doing it yourself, you dick cheese.

“Thanks, Cissy. See? It only took a few seconds once you put your mind to it.”

So why couldn’t you do it yourself, then?

“What’s your first class at school today?”

Oh, fuck. Cretin alert! He’s trying to talk to me! Why does this fucking dinosaur think he can possibly have anything useful to say to me?


“It’s a free period. I’m going to the library to catch up on my, er, physics.”

“Ha! Newton’s Laws, eh? I used to love all that when I was at school.”

They had schools when you were young?


(In the library, after registration.)

Look at all these zombies. Machines, every one of them. Drones. Being programmed just to service the queen bee. I’ll show them.

“Miss Fisher? Miss Fisher, I see you have three books showing as overdue on the system. Please note that until you bring them back, you will not be allowed to borrow any further material.”

Mrs Greenhall. What a dragon! It’d be fun to watch you melt, just like the Wicked Witch. You just wait, you’ll get your comeuppance.

“Whatever…” Keep walking.

“Never mind ‘whatever’, Miss Fisher. If you wish to continue using this library, you must obey our rules.”

“Tomorrow, okay?” Keep walking. Thank God she’s distracted, picking on some other poor kid.

Where are we? Science, second level.

This looks like the section, here. Ah, here we are. That was easy enough to find. Yes, this is it.

“How to build a nuclear bomb”.


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