Fandango’s Provocative Question (9 November 2022)

Prompt image for the Fandango's Provocative Question prompt

Fandango Provocatively asks:

Whether or not you have a Twitter account, how do you feel about Musk’s takeover of Twitter and the changes he’s made so far. Do you care one way or the other? If you currently are on Twitter, do you plan to continue actively using it?

I got to say from the off, I’m not a Twitter user. I don’t understand the issues and I don’t understand the fuss. I don’t understand what makes Twitter worth so many billion dollars.

But I do think, if someone owns a company, they should be able to do what they want with it. (Getting Twitter-specific, that might cover what people can and can’t say on the platform.) Fine, the new owner might make decisions which turn out to be dumb, but that’s their lookout. The value of the company will correlate with the quality of those decisions.

Or are you asking whether “old Twitter” was wise to sell to Musk in the first place? Surely they should be able to sell to whoever they like?

Like I say, there’s a lot I don’t understand. I don’t understand Twitter’s revenue stream. How does it make its money? Does it advertise? Sell users’ data? The revenue from both of those will be linked to the overall number of users, so presumably Musk must have an eye on that number? He’s not gonna want to scare users off, is he? But ultimately, if he does scare users off, he’s the owner, he’s the one taking the risk.

I think at this level it is all about money. Twitter’s value must be based somehow on it’s number of users. Musk must feel confident he can increase that number and therefore make more money from it.


  1. I use it as a method of contacting customer service when I have a problem with merchandise, or apps, or recipes. Sainsbury’s and Waitrose and quick to solve problems on Twitter. OsMac problems, and Apple UK are right there to help. I never involve myself is discussion or opinion, so I’ve no experience with trolls or abuse. I’m with you on what’s the fuss about; Musk bought it, so it’s his to play with.

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  2. I’m on Twitter and I ask myself every day why. Misky pointed out she uses it as a method of reaching customer service for various problems. If I’m having a technical problem, I go to the source; I never thought of using Twitter for that reason. I post my stories and sometimes have an interaction with others on Twitter but very rarely. I truly get nothing out of it and it’s becoming one more thing cluttering up my phone. As for as Musk now owning Twitter … well, good for him. Personally I couldn’t give a rat’s ass. One more toy for a rich boy to play with.

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  3. Like you, there is a lot that I don’t understand about Twitter, nor do I care to invest time in learning. I have a Twitter account that I randomly and seldomly post to. Sharing writing on WP and occasional photos and micro poems on Instagram is enough for me. There’s my two cents.

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  4. I with you on this one. Do I like Musk? Nope. Do I like some of his decisions? Nope. Does my opinion matter? Nope. He is in it for the money. It is a business. He can do what he likes. Ultimately people will vote and it will either increase or decrease in value. That’s it folks.

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  5. I’m not on Twitter. I think it’s a bastion of bullying others. I was mocked three times on there by someone who was a friend so she scared me off of it although my bestie is on there.
    Musk has already fired 25% of Twitter employees mainly those that regulate content so he wants to give all the bullies and trolls free reign
    Apparently he may also start charging a pay wall too
    I hope it sinks in the ground. He’s a nasty guy

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