The Daily Challenge

Another Millionaire question.


£1M. So I have to ask you this one! For UK readers, this is the question that won Pat Gibson (of Eggheads fame) his million. In the show he even managed to date the races, so there’s a clue how to solve this.


Which of these is not one of the American Triple Crown horse races?



Arlington Million


Belmont Stakes


Kentucky Derby


Preakness Stakes

Just for fun… I’m tempted not to say but I’ll post the answer tomorrow.

Yesterday’s answer: Rampant


    • Sorry, it’s the Arlington Million. Apparently the Triple Crown pre-dates the Arlington Million by quite some time; that’s how he knew. I’d guess it offers $1,000,000 prize money which probably dates it as quite recent.
      Actually, looking it up, the Million was only introduced in 1981.


    • Sorry, Sadje, it’s the Arlingtom Million. I don’t quite know how anybody would know this except: it offers a million dollars in prize money, so is therefore quite a recent thing. Just because a million, a hundred years ago, would have been way too high. (And in fact, when I looked it up, the Arlington Million only began in 1981.)
      The Triple Crown pre-dates this race by some time.

      I didn’t know it – I only took an interest when I saw the question. You should see this guy on the show he’s now in – he’s phenomenal, but he occasionally gets beaten. Depends on the questions I suppose.

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  1. Yep, you were right. I had no idea. To be honest, I’d be hard pressed to say any of them were even horse races let alone know their order.

    Oh well… Looks like it’s work in the morning for me after all! 😬😉🖤

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    • Now that I dug into it, it makes perfect sense – the Arlington Million was only coined in 1981 so it’s not gonna be a part of any traditional series of races.

      But I didn’t know it either, though I caught the rerun so saw him answer it correctly.

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