I’m really pissed off with this. Today, for about the fourth time in the last couple months, I found myself booted out of most WP sites. Sites I’ve followed for years, I was kicked off.

Including Mr Bump and Songshine – both sites which I own. I first saw what had happened when I published a post privately and couldn’t see it.

When you go to a site (in a browser), look in the botton right of the page and you’ll see a “Follow” button, plus three dots, below. Click on those three dots and a menu appears, below. If it kicked you out, one of the options is to “Log In” (below).

Doing so is easy enough, but a PITA.

Incidentally, I’ve also fould sites where there is no “…”. God knows what you’re supposed to do – I gave up.


  1. I have that same problem with commenting on every paid for wordpress site I supposedly follow, but not the free ones – I agree it’s a total pain in the arse… (mine’s a free site) 😦

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  2. I’m sure you’ve heard me complaining about the same thing, now going on for months. It’s random with the log in deals on sites, and the likes and comments, too. I didn’t know about the three dots though, so thanks! 🙂

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  3. I had that problem too. But when I hosted dVerse and was reading lots of other people’s stuff and commenting, I had to sign in about 15 times. As you say it was a PITA! But, that sort of industrial approach – just hammering it multiple times in a day, seems to have helped. Well anyway, something has helped. I have updated my browser as well. And have switched my computer off and on… the classic solution for all misbehaviours.

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    • I’m finding that they’re keeping on doing this every few weeks. That’s the PITA – having to keep logging on. It’s ongoing.
      Unfortunately WP’s approach in the past (where they have released sogtware with bugs in it) means that I’m unlikely to cut them any slack now. I am 80% happy it is them, not Firefox and def not Windows.

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  4. The Democrats working design at WP software know what’s best, so stop bellyaching. I find I often have to go to the reader, after reading a post, indicate like, then click again from the reader to register comments. That makes recording comments (as you put it) a PITA. WordPress surely knows this; rubes have probably complained; older users know registering a complaint to be ANOTHER waste of time. Oh, you say, it’s YOUR browser futching with you. Nope. Half the sites work just fine, thank you very much, recognize me from within a post whether I want to comment or like. The other half are frelled. “Mising Board Syndrome” what’s that suggest? I’m upgrading my content – a major effort since I have some 200 fictional pieces I want to make available. But I will NOT use WP to do it. WP can suck wind. For the present, I muddle along. It has become insane to the point of amusement. Good luck, Bub.

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