Tory Leadership Woefuls

It has been a week of misfires for the two people who have put themselves forward to be the UK’s next Prime Minister.

Last week, Liz Truss put forward the notion of regional payscales. The idea that a public sector employee is paid more in one location than in another, depending on the cost of living there.

This is fine. It’s not a new idea, and has been floated by various chancellors for fifteen or twenty years. The reason it has always hit the buffers is because there is a huge standard of living disparity here already. There is London, and there is “everywhere else”. Indeed, for the last twelve years, there has been a policy called “levelling up”, although any practical achievements are negligible.

By penalising public sector salaries based on location, it would have exacerbated the gap rather than have improved it. That’s why other governments have dropped the idea. And Truss’s team themselves were quick to drop it. But not quick enough. They only dropped it a day after it had been announced as policy.

Truss herself claimed that the policy had been “misrepresented”. That by “public sector” she didn’t mean what everyone else thought it meant. While the policy was just plain dumb, this was a deliberate lie, an attempt to conceal the truth. The policy, of course, was an attempt to save money, and the only way Truss’s numbers could have worked was if they applied to all public sector workers. Not just civil servants, but doctors, nurses, teachers…. everyone. And the policy was represented perfectly accurately by the media; it was just a stupid policy in the first place.

On the other side of the fence, we have Rishi Sunak, who wants to charge £10 for missed GP visits. Another worn old policy that has been floated previously, and which has always been shot down before it got off the ground.

You fine someone. There are two questions.

  • What happens when someone does pay the fine?
  • What happens when they don’t?

You take the first case. You walk into the doctor’s with hard currency? What’s the first thing they’ll do? They’ll refuse it, because doctor’s surgeries here are not equipped to handle any cash. You walk in with a £20 note? You want change? Tough shit. Where are they going to get change from?

Of course, you can change surgeries so that they can accept cash, but this is something that will actually cost money, not save it. Not just to cope with payments, but the IT cost to convert every patient into an account.

Or what if someone refuses to pay? What you going to do? Refuse to treat them in future? But if you do that, you’ve abandoned one of the cornerstones of our health system. That everybody is entitled to treatment.

That’s fine, but the public need to be absolutely aware that you’ve just abandoned universal healthcare.

What a pair of fucking wasters! And you realise who has set these people up in the first place, don’t you? Tory MPs. The same shower who trusted Boris Johnson to lead the country.

I want better.


  1. Recently read in my daily newspaper that Rishi Sunak won a TV debate against Truss. Also that Rishi Sunak is heavy favorite to become the next PM because of his economic policies during covid that made him very popular. Also I was baffled it takes 2 months for British parliament to decide who becomes the new PM.

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    • Any number of candidates can put themselves forward, provided they have enough MPs who support them.
      They (the Tory MPs) then whitle the field down to two. It is almost STV, but they hold multiple ballots which, this time around, were just a day apart.
      The winner is decided in a ballot of members. I’m not sure if that is postal, electronic or both. But essentially they are their own party and can make their own rules.
      You are definitely wrong about Sunak. Sunak was the favourite among MPs, but Truss is the heavy favourite among the wider membership. Sunak is a public school, multi-millionaire so people will reasonably ask how he can possibly empathise. He is heavily criticised here about covid.
      But man, neither of them inspires confidence. Politics attracts the worst people.

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      • Damn. I guess the newspapers and the media here is biased a little as they show that Sunak has the edge. Typical “Indian” connection I would say. Just like they did rounds when Kamala Harris become the VP of USA.

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  2. We have gap payments and no show payments here. Gap payments are when the doctor chooses to charge above the standard fee. You are told in advance and it’s your choice if you see that doctor. You pay by credit card on arrival. No show is exactly what it says. You don’t show you have to pay before you can get another appointment. You have to change surgeries if you chose not to pay

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