Fandango’s Provocative Question (27 July 2022)

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Fandango Provocatively asks a bunch of questions today about TV viewing habits.

There’s a big difference between watching something, and having the tv on in the background.

Weekdays, I put the TV on at 6:30 PM to watch the quiz show Eggheads. It gets exported so many of you will probably know it. This is a must-watch for me. I love quizzing.

That’s a thirty-minute show, I normally watch real time but record it just in case.

Straight after, I’ll put the Channel Four News on. The only news show I watch, although I also have the web. It’s an hour-long show and I might watch it for ten minutes, or the full hour, depending on the stories. This is suppertime anyhow so viewing is fragmented.

From 8 PM to bed the TV is background noise while I potter. For writing I prefer silence but I don’t write at this time of night.

8 – 9 I usually have MASH on, funnily enough. I’m no great fan but it is inoffensive and I generally can’t be bothered surfing to anything else. 9 – bed, they show reruns of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Did I mention I enjoyed quizzes?

This show is only ever a semi-watch, because 50 minutes of each hour are nonsey questions which even the cats know.

Sometimes I’ll put a movie or live soccer on but again – background noise. Soccer, I look up now and again, and an old movie, I know the plot so don’t need to pay close attention. Last one I saw was Memphis Belle, for example, which I’ve seen many times.

We have two TVs – mine, which used to be the family TV, is connected to a satellite dish, although I only buy the minimum subscription. Mrs Bump’s is Wi-fi only. We have a TV each because we are poles apart in terms of tastes (and taste!). I don’t watch tv anywhere else or on anything else. I was always against a tv in the bedroom, for example, because I wanted to be able to escape.


    • That one never made it here but I know it from my time in the US. Eggheads gets sold to Austrralia, because they make a thing of it sometimes, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was known elsewhere too.
      I guess there’s a lot in quizzes that doesn’t translate e.g. history or geography. There was a question here the other day “Which of these states has 4 neighbours?” Could have been a different number. Then a choice of three states. That’s quite a difficult one here but I suppose it’s bread and butter for you.
      Great Lakes is another topic. One question was: which is the only one entirely in the US? Can’t remember if they got it or not, but a difficult question if you’re a Brit.
      I was just reminiscing with someone the other day, the Falls were one of the few places I got to in the US. Flew up from JFK. Drunk as a skunk.

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    • It’s a recurring theme. Alda plus his sidekick are the good guys. An affable boss but disagreeable co-workers who are stickers for the rules. Which, being in an army setting, don’t make sense.
      The nice thing about it being on is that you don’t really need to watch it. I suspect if I did try watching it I’d quickly get bored. You can’t apply one template to a thousand shows, and still be interesting.
      Although I seem to have got away with it with my limericks πŸ™‚

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      • Haha! Your limericks are nothing like that! 😊 Well, MASH is definitely on the list for when I need some background TV then πŸ‘ And, of course, the MSP cover version of the theme tune is a regular on my playlist already πŸ˜πŸ–€

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