If It Happens Again…

Do you remember a few weeks aco something happened which caused many of us to have to re-log-in to every WP blog?

There was another Firefox update last night. Same thing this morning. I was even logged out of my own site!


  1. Same thing is still happening, as it has been for the past few weeks. I can’t even give a ‘like’ without a big rigamarole of trying different things. It’s so frustrating to have to log in to every comment too. 🙂

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  2. Pardon, but I do sweat the “small stuff.” Software providers have a responsibility to to maintain compatibility through a reasonable number of “updates” OR to advise when their “busy work” will cause issues, so the user community has an inkling where the problems lie when things “suddenly” stop working as they used-to. Notice I did not say “as they are supposed to.” Change is inevitable, but for crap sake, IT people, cover your mouth when you sneeze and at the very least say, “Excuse me!”

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  3. Well, shut my mouth! I am sure the company gets their complaints. Got news for you, a lot of people don’t
    do their job properly and get paid every day to do it. I just put it into perspective to the other things going on
    around me.


      • Sorry Michele it’s not your call what’s a big and a small issue. In WP’s case, they charge a subscription to provide a service. It’s a contract. If they don’t provide that service, I’m wastiong what money I have, and it’s a big issue. No other site fortced me to log back in except WP.
        What would you do if yopu paid your taxes but they never bothered emptying ur trash?


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