Thoughts and Prayers

Prompt image for the Truthful Tuesday prompt

This is my response to Melanie’s Truthful Tuesday prompt, where we were asked:


Possibly not.

It depends. Any outpouring of grief is pointless unless we also ask the question “can we stop this from happening again?”

It might well be that we ask that question, and the answer is “no”, in which case all we really have is “thoughts and prayers”.

Or it might be that the answer is a straightforward “yes”, in which case, don’t we have a duty to do something? Just offering “thoughts and prayers” is plain cynical. “Tough luck, but I’m fine for it to keep on happening.”

Or, it might be that the answer is more complex. “Yes we can, but I’m not willing to do what it takes to prevent it”. In which case, all we can do is to suck it up. Again, “Tough luck, but I’m not prepared to do what it takes to keep it from happening.”

“Thoughts and prayers” are simply meaningless in that scenario.

Climate Change, for example. People complaining that the planet is becoming warmer, then complaining about the price of gas. Or talking about their next vacation to Bali. “People” should use less gas, yet “people” consider themselves personally exempt.

Doesn’t compute. Something has to give.


    • It can lead to desensitivity, though. E.g. when you get these mass shootings in the USA. If America wanted to fix the problem badly enopugh, they can and would. Just like the rest of the world did.

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      • Oh yes. I understand fully. I think capitalism has so much to answer for. If we weren’t all so focused on money… if we could just separate ourselves from profit/financial gain it would solve a hell of a lot of problems. Australia’s government is largely owned by the Murdoch Media and the fossil fuel magnates. And America’s government is largely owned by the gun lobby. And to me… that’s all capitalism. Government by big business.

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  1. nice prompt and a great response! I think thoughts and prayers while may serve no purpose, it still creates good environment where people remember the victims and pray for survivors. Just to show them, we see you, you are not alone.

    But true, its serves no other purpose, if things remain the same even after happening. (I guess politicians doing rounds of thoughts and prayers in USA after shootings is a good example of this).

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