Weekend Trivia


In the Old Testament, from what wood did Noah build the ark?

just for fun!



Gopher’s latin name is Torreya taxifolia, but these days is also known as Stinking Cedar, Florida Torreya or Florida Nutmeg. It’s a member of the yew family, nowadays indigenous to SE USA and endangered.

And, for bonus points…


In which book of the Old Testament is it mentioned?


Genesis, 6:14

I was just watching a rerun of Millionaire, and the first question was worth £250k. The second was just one I thought up. I expect only one reader to know this, so surprise me!


  1. Yes, I remembered the Gopherwood, and also I knew it was from the book of Genisis. As a former churchgoer, I do still remember parts of my bible. Sometimes things do get jarred in this brain 🙂

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      • You just shook a few screws loose in this brain is all. It is nice to know some things have still stuck around even though I may not be aware until mentioned.

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        • I must admit that I have some knowledge of the bible from childhood, but did not know this one. The only religious text I tried readingas an adult was the Koran (failed).

          All of these texts, I think, lose out because I think for them to be credible, you need to have an up-front belief in the respective faith. For a skeptic, they’re just tall tales.


        • The etymology was quite interesting. Back in James I day, they left it untranslated because they didn’t have a clue.
          And compounded by the fact that it was only ever mentioned once.
          Got me thinking, what was the original language of the bible? But logic dictates, it must be hebrew. Is it?

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