This is my response to this week’s Flashback Track Friday prompt, where we were challenged to:

Tell us how you cope with adversity.

There’s one word sums this up, best sung by Aretha Franklin. Do you remember the amazing Blues Brothers?

No, that’s not the music I listen to, although classic soul never harms matters, but that’s just what I do… think!

A few people have accused me of overthinking. I don’t. I think. Just enough to understand what’s likely going down, where things don’t add up, what my best options are…

I’m good at this, too. This is why I worked for big banks. It’s why I designed big systems for them. I worked in London and Manhattan, so I must have something going for me. I think rationally. I’m practical. I think of ways to solve problems.

It can even be handy on WP, too, when I decide to write flash fiction. I put a given character in a given tight-spot, and I write a plausible way in which the character will behave.

Yes, we should think about everything.


  1. Wow. Great pick! Aretha’s been on my mind off and on with her biopic in the past year starring Jennifer Hudson. Still mad that she got snubbed for an Oscar.
    And Blues Brothers! It’s been forever since I’ve seen this. Thanks.
    Lastly, I can SO relate to the accusatory claims of overthinking. I get that, too. It’s part of the way I step back as an INFJ and look at the big pictures. A lot of people don’t get it. I do have to keep it in check a little, but I also am coming to see it as one of my talents.

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    • I think so. The ability to think about many different scenarios helps us better understand a situation and has got to be a good thing.

      Must admit I did not even know that there was a biopic. I know Aretha as a singer but have no idea whether her life was interesting. I know she was only young when she became well-known, so she must have lived with fame most of her life.

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  2. Being able to predict (beforehand) where things won’t add up is quite a skill. It’s not something you can learn. It’s like mechanical reasoning – you either have it or you don’t. I hope that you’re still able to use that skill in your charitable work.

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