Fandango’s Provocative Question (26 January 2022)

Prompt image for the Fandango's Provocative Question prompt

Fandango Provocatively asks:

What do you do to reduce or relieve stress in your life?

That’s easy. A one-word answer.

I eat.

And do you know what? There is not an ounce of stress in my life. To illustrate, I sauntered to the booth today, nice and gently. I needed some photos for my new passport. Would you like to see one?


    • chips. lots of chips.

      seriously, good that you’re able to move around a bit. It is a stroke thing but I have little interest in cooking now, so I had haddock and baked beans, both just heated. I’ll make about 4-5 portions of rice at a time which I just micro.

      But really, there is an overriding feeling that it is all just faff. I tried baking once but gave up before I had even measured the flour. There seemed to be seven or eight steps and I was like, Jeez, can I be arsed?

      I used to make a mean boeuf bourgignon and even daughter would eat my chicken/chorizo burritos.

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      • Love chips. Love chips with gravy, too. Haddock and baked beans is protein rich. Good for BG levels. Baking is a faff, that’s true. I have to be in mood because it’s easier to pop out to the shops. Tesco sourdough is just as good as anything I can make at home (which takes nearly 2-days). But a homemade boeuf bourguignon is hard to beat. It’s one of my favourites. The cabbage soup was a rewarm also. I freeze up batches of stewed cabbage, so on the day I add just broth and rice to finish. Do your hens still lay in the winter?

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        • No they haven’t layed for a while. One of Mrs Bs patients is bringing fresh eggs. Could be weather, could be age. Yes, low gi. I could eat fish every day but the fish here is not good. I loved a sandre, a meaty river fish I got in France. A zander, or pike-perch. Don’t get it here.

          And I like sourdough but… Bread is bread. It all puts me high.

          Gravy was the natural accompaniment for me too, but I also enjoyed curry sauce. The only thing I couldn’t abide on chips was mayo.


          • I just goggled ‘hens’ – seems that reduced sunlight and colder temperatures put hens into restore mode, and they slow down their egg laying until spring. I didn’t know that. I wonder how commercially kept hens manage it if they’re free-range. As for mayo, I’ll happily slap it on anything, well maybe not a toothbrush…

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