Who Won the Week (2 January 2022)

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I base these posts on Fandango’s Who Won the Week posts, and I use the opportunity just to look at my own newsfeeds.

Okay, Christmas is done, the New Year has arrived, let’s get down to business.

I just had a question this week, really. I’m wondering where this Jeffrey Epstein story will go this year.

Epstein, recall, was a convicted sex offender. We might reasonably conclude that he had acted alone, were it not for the conviction, just before Christmas, of Ghislaine Maxwell, for trafficking girls on his behalf.

The story has particular interest in the UK, not only because this crowd were international jetsetters, but also because our very own Prince Andrew has been thrown into the mix.

In the UK, it’s fair to say that the story has been reported with indignation. He couldn’t possibly have done anything. And, how dare someone suggest that he did!

I know from my blogs stats that most of the readers of this post will be American, and Americans might truly (and correctly) see him as just a guy, like anyone else. Who might commit a felony, like anyone else. But the UK is fed a line that our royal family is infallible, that they can do no wrong. Even otherwise objective news channels adopt an air of deference.

And there’s obviously something in what these women are saying, generally, because first Epstein, and now Maxwell, have been convicted.

So I’m just wondering where this story will go with regard to Andrew.

The convictions already secured seem to make the women’s testimonies more, not less, credible. And Virginia Giuffre has accused Andrew of sexual assault So, it could well be that a senior member of the royal family turns out to be a rapist. It’s in the public’s interest to know whether the allegations are true, I think. We fund his lifestyle, after all.

Think about it. All the spin, all the machinery… They’d have you believe that it just isn’t possible. But, isn’t it? Right now, who knows?

If he were found guilty, it would say every bit as much about the “establishment” as it would about Andrew. That the first instinct is to protect its own, rather than to want to get to the bottom of such a serious accusation.

Most of you who know me know that I am a staunch republican, but I don’t think this is a republic/monarchy issue. It goes simply to right and wrong. Of his behaviour as an individual.

If anything, I feel sympathy for our queen because of the undoubted distraction that the story has caused. And, just in general, it must be difficult for a woman when her son is accused of sexual abuse. What if it is true? What would that say about how she’d brought him up? But fundamentally, one person can’t be responsible for somebody else’s conduct.

But I think *his* actions should be investigated, just like mine were when I was accused. And, fortunately, things seem to be moving slowly in that direction.


  1. You are absolutely right in it is “his” actions that are in question and yes your monarchy is to be infallible.
    This crime continues to go on in so many areas of life and justice is so slow to untangle everything. Epstein
    and Maxwell have both been charged so they must have some good evidence. I cannot see Maxwell not giving
    up people for a reduced sentence of some kind, they usually do. It is the same here, this actor couldn’t do that
    or this politician couldn’t. Bull ! we are all human and humans make a lot of bad judgment calls especially when you are rich and believe life is cheap and anything can be yours for the right price. Time will reveal what is what, may
    take a long time, but whoever was involved, no matter their status should pay.

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    • I think he was lucky, in that he had all the wealth but was never seriously going to be king, so was out of the limelight.
      I have no memory of his marriage but it’s not something I would have picked up on. It must be very iffy for his daughters because presumably his accuser is their age or younger. That’s a big ugh, although not necessarily illegal.

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      • His daughters were with Sarah Ferguson and they are in their thirties now
        Wasn’t there illegal activity going on with him some sort of investigation in recent years? The daughters seem to have come out of the divorce pretty even keel from what I’ve read

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