Logo for the Fandango Story Starter Prompt

For Fandango’s Story Starter #23, where we build something around the following phrase:

He realized that she had made a fool of him when he opened the drawer and found…

This was it. My first day, my own business.

It had been my fixation for years, and now I had taken the plunge. Sure, it was a gamble, but isn’t everything?

A children’s entertainer. So, I had to look the part. And it was true; on my first day I have been meticulous, I just spent thirty minutes in the bathroom, applying the grease paint just so. But something is not quite right.

I know, it’s only little Jimmy’s Ninth Birthday Party, across the road, but it’s my first gig. I want it to be perfect. Never mind, I’ll look better when I’m more complete.

On with the outfit. Brand new. But you can’t be a children’s entertainer if you don’t appear convincing. But no, something’s wrong. I wonder if the floppy shoes will make a difference? Hmmm… no. I’ll have to carry these over to the Church Hall anyway, I’ll not even get down the stairs in these, let alone to the end of the street.

Oh, my wife’s calling me. What’s that? Do I want a cup of tea? Oh, bless her. She knows I’m nervous about doing this.

“I’ll be down in five.” I know, I know, we start in twenty minutes, but something is missing.

What can it be? I have the suit, the buttonhole, the feet, the makeup, but I’m still not there. I know, it must be that silly curly wig. Okay, one last attempt. I must get this right, if I can.

Oh, bugger, it’s still not right. And I’m running out of time. If I don’t hurry, I’m going to have to make do as I am.

What’s that? She’s calling again. “Yes, I know the drink’s waiting, but something’s up with the costume.” A pause. “What do you mean, look in the top drawer?” What’s she on about? I haven’t got time for this. Ah, well, if it’ll mean the difference between success and failure…

He realized that she had made a complete fool of him when he opened the drawer and found his spongy red nose.


  1. Next line Michele, is “don’t bother their here. ” lol I knew that is what it was because other than Rudolph every
    clown needs a big red nose. I must be here too often if I knew what it was…. geesh

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  2. Have I mentioned how incredibly creeped out by clowns I am? Well, it’s true. But, I like your writing well enough to look past it. I like the suspense you create here through the panicked party clown perspective.

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