Safety Blanket

This is my response to this week’s Flashback Track Friday prompt, where they asked us to:

Share a song with us that sums up how you’re feeling.

In fact, it was me who came up with that question. Unfortunately I scheduled it a few days ago, before our hen Marguerite died. Anybody who ever lost a pet knows how that felt.

So while I picked an upbeat song for the actual prompt, I don’t feel anywhere near so upbeat now.

I’ve trained myself to look at the positives in these situations. Primarily, this was a caged hen, who came to us and has enjoyed an absolutely free-range life these last six months. So I’d like to think we gave something to her, gave her the opportunity to live as a real creature.

But it’s still sad, and one of my go-to listens during pensive times is classical, where a few pieces stand out. This is the second movement from Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet and is just perfect.


  1. That’s beautiful. I love the sound of the clarinet. My sis-in-law plays in the county orchestra, so I get to listen to
    it at home and find them very peaceful and the sound just transports you if you let it.

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