Serious Question

photo of a glass of milk

Was wondering, do any of you have experience with either soya milk or oat milk?

Uses would be 50:50 porridge, and tea.

I’ve been reading how much lower in carbon these are, compared with anything “cow”.


  1. I’ve had both, and I would suggest getting vanilla flavored if that’s available. I like that kind of soy/oat milk better than “original” flavor. Of course they taste different than cow’s milk, so there’s a bit of an adjustment — but I’ve gotten to where I enjoy soy and oat milk, too.

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  2. Soy does not agree with me, oat I haven’t tried. I don’t really use much milk if I do I go Lactaid. In my tea I
    just use my coffee creamer which isn’t really cream anyway lol

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  3. Having an intolerance to milk I often drink substitutes like oat, soya, almond etc.
    When you get used to the taste, they are not so different from regular milk 🙂
    I also like it with coffee 🙂

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  4. Oat milk in tea (I use quite a bit for a ‘creamier’ kind of taste but that’s just personal preference I guess).

    Oat or coconut milk for porridge, cereal and sauces.

    Hazelnut milk for bran flakes weetabix and coffee.

    Little tip I find – pay the (slight) difference in price and buy the chilled milks from the fridge as opposed to the ones on the supermarket shelf. They have a much nicer taste. Oh, and avoid soya and rice milk. Both torture imo 😉🖤

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