Into The Gloom

Image under the ocean, with a single plastic carrier bag floating by.

Ingrid, over at Experiments in Fiction, is hosting an event called Sonnet Sunday. And looking at the date, what better theme than Hallowe’en?

I’ve never before written a sonnet, my background is far more numerate than literate, as those of you who regularly read my output will know! So I thought it might be a good challenge.

But while I hate to dampen everybody’s spirits, the scariest thing I can think to write about is the environment, and today I chose the ocean. Many people accept that there is a climate emergency, that we really ought to do something about it, but… can we just squeeze a tiny bit more cash out of the planet, please? We know that one day, we must stop, but can’t we go on a little while longer?

With the knowledge that fossil fuel companies have twice as much in reserve, as they are exploiting today, I leave you with the chilling question: when do you think that day will happen?

On this specific issue of pollution of the seas, by the way, I have history on my side, because this has been an issue for more than fifty years. Sure, it has been called different things along the way, but it all boils down to humans dumping their shit into the ocean.

If that doesn’t scare you, nothing will.

Admired with awe; your beauty rendered numb.
Crests rolled benign, toes scampered in the sand,
Your dancing waves hatched rainbows in the sun,
And salty fragrance lingered on the strand.

Your winter swells sent sailors to their plight,
Bewitching those emboldened to draw near,
For earthly souls, held hostage to your might,
Their veneration measured with their fear.

Its silhouette drifts slowly into view,
The deadly shadow forming through the gloom,
Discarded waste, we thoughtless gluttons spewed,
Despoiling plunder sealed the planet’s doom.

Just how much more could Neptune’s Eden give?
How much erased,
that few in splendor lived?


  1. Very well done. the lines: Discarded waste, we thoughtless gluttons spewed,
    Despoiling plunder sealed the planet’s doom. to me that says it all Because when money is to be made we
    are all doomed.

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  2. Well done, Pete. If someone asked me to write a sonnet I’d have a panic attack, but yours was splendid. Plus, your subject matter was both timely and critically important. Kudos! 👏

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. There are quite specific rules for something to be considered a sonnet, apparently. But even those, I found from YouTube when I decided to write. The subject matter was the first thing to come, because that’s where the passion is.

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