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Do you remember, months ago, I shared my idea that the best way to get people to take up COVID vaccinations was by publishing the data?

Well, I still believe that to be true, and I was sharing the idea this morning with a friend of mine. He countered with Ah, it’s funny you should say that, but… and showed me the graphic below:

You know, which is more going to spur you into action?

Some dipshit politician (or doctor, or president, or prime minister), wagging their finger at you?

Or this graphic?

This is exactly what all of us should be able to see, daily. How many people at each stage of infection. How many of those vaccinated, and how many unvaccinated.


    • I’d go along with you partiallty on that. I was quite happy to get myself vaccinated – in fact I’m going for a booster in a few hours.
      But I have a lot of friends on WP who have said “I won’t do x, because it involves mixing with you, and you aren’t vaccinated”, and there, I disagree with them
      I’m happy just to trust the science. I’ve had the vaccine so COVID is unlikely to be fatal to me. If other people choose not to have the vaccine, that’s their lookout.

      I mean, there’s an element of us all acting in unison, just for the good of society, but I can certainly understand that (some) people don’t care about that. In fact that (very generally) is a big difference between Europe and the USA.

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        • Yes I can imagine. My friend just returned from France and there, restaurants are asking for proof of vaccination before they will serve. Which, for now, seems to be a good idea. So, get vaccinated or not, but if you don’t, you can’t eat.

          But having said that, one of my charity clients, the health service refused to vaccinate them, so there must be something in place to handle exceptions.

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            • It seems foolhardy for a doctor not to take it. Not for themselves – I don’t really give a monkey’s as long as they’re not threating me. But for all the clients they will meet.


            • if you have an allergy to any of the components, or you have an autoimmune disorder and are on specific medications, taking the vaccine is really a bad idea. It is better to isolate if possible, wash hands a lot and wear a mask instead.

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                • yes they should, but they begin to put off wearing a mask because they “just forgot” or “know these people”….and not so many actually use a valid excuse. I have copd, CHF and diabetes. I don’t “have” to wear a mask as I am exempt. I still wear one regardless. the people begin getting vaccines when their “leaders” tell them to. When the repubs are willing to go there then maybe we’ll get more compliance.

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  1. I’m swayed by the graphics because I believe in the vaccine. AntiVaxers don’t believe in the vaccines, and no amount of logic, pleading, bribery or illustration will change their minds. Heck there are people who think mRNA is a tracking signal!

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  2. How about this curious factoid? In Vermont, 76% of recent covid deaths were the fully vaccinated. 68% of Vermonters are fully vaccinated. The fully vaccinated are over-represented in covid deaths in Vermont.

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    • You are missing the point. The point is that this information should be disclosed to the public. Period. Beyond that, let the chips fall where they may. If it shows that vaccines’ efficacies are lower than advertised, then maybe that is something else we need to deal with?


      • I like the way you think. Don’t make your decisions based on emotions like fear or anger. Making decisions based on emotions, instead of facts, makes it easy for predators to manipulate us.

        But I think that you need to expand your sources.

        Some excellent sources include and .

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        • People can read as many sources as they wish to come toa decision. But what I’m pointing out is a helpful layout of data. In the UK, it is something which is missing from government data. Our authorities instead adopt a “we know what’s best for you” approach.
          The data in that graphic allows people to draw their own conclusions.

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