Chocks Away

For Fandango’s Story Starter #16, where we build something around the following phrase:

It was in the spring of 2010 when I first realized that I could…

I remember going to Stevie’s house. It pays to be “in” with him, seeing as how he’s a starting linebacker for the school team. And all those cheerleaders… wow!

Plus, his buddy Zak. What a guy! He told me that those red tabs would give me superpowers, and boy, did he deliver!

I’m not sure where I am or how I got here but… we have to come demonstrate our new ability.

Wait! Is this school? Boy, it looks different in the dark. Thank goodness there’s moonlight to help me see my way up these stairs.

Close to the roof now, and that climb was easier than normal. I have a real spring in my step tonight.

Come on, someone, open that fire door. And make sure you don’t set off that crummy alarm. That system is so old, even a kid knows how to trick it.

Ah, that’s what I’m talking about. Fresh air. Oh, that’s so cool on this balmy spring night. I can’t wait for a proper gust.

Right, here’s my chance. Now to show them how powerful I am. Stand back, everybody, and watch me soar!

It was in the spring of 2010 when I first realized that I could fly. Just that evening, in fact.


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