First Gig

Over on Songshine Sounds, Where Were You Tuesday today asks:

What song played at your first live concert?

There are two answers to this one.

The first gig I ever attended, I must have been fifteen. At that age, soccer was my big thing, music less so. However, one of my friends – older than me – worked as a supervisor in a private security firm. He needed extra bodies for an event they’d been hired to police.

Lo and behold, he asked me! So, my first gig was working the perimeter at a Chris de Burgh concert on Liverpool’s old Garden Festival site. Must have been ’83? ’84? As for what song, I have no clue. Lady in Red? That was all the guy ever sang, wasn’t it?

Soccer remained more important to me rightup to the moment I left home and accounted for every spare penny. It was only when I left Liverpool for university in Cardiff that I started going to “proper” gigs. That is, artists we might see on the tv.

That first term is a drunken blur (the Christmas Concert was good old Gary Glitter!) but one of those early gigs was The Housemartins. They had stormed to chart success just the previous summer, and the Student Union in Cardiff was the main concert venue. They only lasted a few more months as an ensemble but did well afterwards as individuals. Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) and Paul Heaton were members.

It’s such fun, energetic, adolescent music, that I still listen to today.


  1. The Housemartins were a great band. My first gig was a pop concert at Bradford Park Avenue football ground. Headlining were Mungo Jerry, The Equals, Vinegar Joe, and the now infamous Gary Glitter.

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