Who Won the Week (3 October 2021)

In response to Fandango’s Who Won the Week posts, I have been looking at my own newsfeeds.

Do you remember Sarah Everard?

She’s the woman who was abducted and murdered in south London, at the start of March. It sparked protests akin to Black Lives Matter, all at a time when the UK was locked down again. I wrote about it at the time.

Well, I wanted to talk indirectly about this case. More directly, it is how it has been reported by the media.

It has been known for some time that this murder was committed by an off-duty policeman. He even pleaded guilty, so it was a fast trial.

That someone can do this to another person, I’m basically already thinking that this guy is as bad as bad can be. It doesn’t really get any worse.

But his trial has come around, and just the way it was reported by the media left me angry that somebody, some editor, has sat down and decided how this case should be reported, so as to make it as sensational as possible. That kind-of calculating element was what angered me.

First we learned how he tricked her to get into his car. He basically faked an arrest. Pulled out his warrant card, read her her rights. Her “offence” was supposed to have been lockdown-related.

All while telling us this, the journalist was saying and then he did this, and then he did this, and so on. And each time, the audience is supposed to say oooh. Just titilating us jucier and jucier details each time.

It turns out that this guy once guarded politicians. I guess that was supposed to shock us, to know that he had at one stage had a position of some responsibility. Oooh!

I don’t know. Maybe this is just me, but I don’t like that somebody is sitting there in a studio, calculating how to drip-feed this information to me, evoking gradually worse feelings toward this guy. It seemed like they were trying to sensationalise the whole, sad affair.

Just to give a sense of closure, the guy pleaded guilty and got a full life term. I mean, how could it have been anything else?


  1. This case was as shocking as it gets Pete. So much so that it would have been difficult to report any of the case without being accused of sensationalism. I know what you mean about the media, but I do think that we, the public, have to share some of the responsibility for wanting all these horrible details. Just my own opinion.😒

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  2. The only way history doesn’t repeat itself is for someone to keep telling the stories and for people to remember the gory details and not stand for it. I hope that’s what this was about. It’s no football game, but it’s a story that needs to be remembered and any time someone writes about it or speaks about it they are doing just that.

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    • That is only worthwhile if somebody comes at it from the angle “How do we stop this happening again?” We have already seen people claim that this guy was a lone wolf, that nothing could have been done to prevent him, that you can’t stop lone wolves, that this could not possibly happen again…
      In other words, that there is no point even looking at how such a person found himself in the position where he was able to do this.

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