Skid Row

There’s no petrol in Salisbury!

Mrs Bump went out today (fortunately, she filled up only last Thursday, and our eco car takes > 1 month to drink a tank of fuel). She happened to notice that every petrol station in our village, along the route to Salisbury, and everything she saw in Salisbury itself, was showing “empty”.

Did somebody mention Revelation?

Fortunately, cheesecake had not run out.


    • I’m not so sure I just blame the individuals. On C4 news last night they let drop that one of the reasons for the shortage of drivers is that EU drivers are no longer permitted to work here. So possibly this is a result of our government’s implementation of Brexit, too.

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      • Mr Worms watches a Youtube channel called They are a crowdfunded British media outlet and therefore could be considered independent. Mr Worms also recommends TLDR news which is also crowdfunded and supplies all their sources. So then you can check that they’re reporting the sources correctly. If you’re interested in exploring the Brexit question, these two sources may be useful. If you have any recommendations for crowdfunded Australian news sites that are transparent about their sources, please let us know.

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        • I must admit I don’t really follow Aussie news, I get some from my aunt in Adelaide but I suspect she is a Morrison supporter, whom I loathe. So we tend to avoid the subject. How come Mr Worms follows UK news so closely?

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          • That’s a good question. Mr Worms is interested in lots of stuff. He followed US news very closely during Trump’s presidency. I don’t know if he still does. He’s followed British news a lot since the Brexit referendum. And he follows COVID news very closely including a British Doctor on YouTube called John Campbell. He also follows a bunch of AUstralian independent commentators on Youtube and a German guy who makes musical instruments out of wood and marble. And people reconstructing old boats… he has many and varied interests. He also watches a lot of British comedy.

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