An Easy Response

On the music blog I share, Songshine Sounds, we challenged you to share an “our tune” song from a relationship.

If you never already guessed. I’m not a particularly romantic guy. I tend to think of a bunch of flowers more as an admission of guilt, than a grand, romantic gesture.

But that wasn’t always the case. I started off romantic, it’s just that a succession of women took turns kicking it all out of me. I’m not bitter and twisted about it, honest! 🤣

Back when I was 18/19, I had a relationship with someone called Sue. She was about the first love of my life, and this was our song:

But, can I present another?

I met Mrs Bump in the Summer of ’98, and throughout our first few months, the world was going crazy to the soundtrack of Savage Garden. Their music was pleasant enough, I bought the CD, but not really significant otherwise. Mrs Bump, however, sees it differently. She thinks of this track as “our tune”.


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