This is my response to the Flashback Track Friday prompt, where we were given Cry To Me by Solomon Burke and asked:

What are you afraid of missing out on this summer?.

I do not wish to tempt fate,
But happened last few years,
The temperature gets humid,
And cloudy, never clear.

The temperature gets hotter,
My shirt sticks to my back,
I’m endlessly perspiring,
And sweat beads down my crack!

I cannot sleep at nighttime,
I paste myself with crud,
For fifty thousand mozzies,
Who queue to suck my blood.

I know, you’re getting weary,
Relax, I’m almost done,
To put it in a nutshell,
I’ll miss blue skies and sun!

Anecdotally, I remember long, hot summers as a child.

Anecdotally, I remember long, wet summers as a parent. The rain started pretty much as soon as the schools got out and lasted until they went back.

Then, we’d maybe get a month of summer in September.

These last few years, our best months for summer are early on, May and June. Warm sun, blue skies. But the earth is not yet warm, so the temperatures are lower.

By August, it is hot and humid, 24/24. Skies are bleached with unbroken cloud. We don’t see the sun. Florida weather.

Anecdotally, my experience of changing weather patterns. Climate governs weather. As well as summers which have morphed in my lifetime, we are also seeing annual “once in a lifetime” events.

In terms of doing anything, my one big activity is now accomplished and I have no great plans to do anything else. Not specific to the summer, anyhow. Starting to roll gently downhill from the summit.

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