Sugary Narcotics

This is my response to the Flashback Track Friday prompt, where we were given Breakaway by The Beach Boys and challenged to:

Create something which links to the name of some confectionery.

The aim of this poem was just to throw in the brand names of as many UK confections as I could make fit. Within this, I ended up with a mediocre poem with which I’m not totally comfortable, because it has hints of date rape in it. But it does at least vaguely make sense.

Bear in mind that brand names of confectioneries don’t necessarily travel, so I’ve bolded all the names I thought of to use. If you’re outside of the UK, you might have to take my word that these things actually exist. I managed to squeeze a few generic terms in there, too.

When I set these questions, I promise myself that I will publish the question before I allow myself to think of a response. I thought the way I tried to respond was cute, but actually found this one quite difficult.

An aspiring young model
The Star of the County
Photographer wispa‘d,
Let’s see some of your bounty.

“This isn’t a picnic,
I’m bowled like a skittle,
I could just about flake out,
I’m just feeling so brittle.”

“Now just chomp like a lion,
And show me some gums,
Now a sensuous twirl,
And, please, stick out your bum.”

Here, chew on this,
You could use a Refresher,
Time Out, take this pastille,
Relieve us some pressure.

Though tablet was crunchie,
Photographer harkened,
And we send out our love hearts.
As her Galaxy darkened


  1. This is a fun attempt, and one I enjoyed. We do have most of the sweets you put in bold right here, in South Africa 🙂

    Reading this after our post-breakfast sugar-high, as we tried to perfect a chocolate biscuit marshmallow smore… 😉

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  2. Wow, I actually found this to be really impressive. To be able to create a poem with so many confectionary names, have it still tell a proper story, rhyme, and follow a concrete structure must not have been easy at all. I was happy that I was able to recognise all of these brand names from when we used to live in England. Me and my family are going to London in two weeks and I can’t wait to get my hands on a Twirl and Flake again.

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  3. You used these candy stars to depict just a taste of what rising female stars probably endure repeatedly to try and make their careers. Very impressive candy references with perfectly balanced verse. Reads smooth, scrumdiddlyumptious!

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