Wedding Bells

An image of my mother and father, on their wedding day.

I struggle now with most dates
But this one’s cast in stone,
For years it was your birthday,
When I was barely grown.

As I myself got older,
Another milestone carried,
The day that was important,
The one when you got married.

So Happy Anniversary,
I send you my best wishes,
A healthy sprinkle of my love,
Topped off with many kisses.

My parents would have been married 55 years today. Mum got married on her 22nd birthday, so today would also have been her 77th birthday. I never got it as a child, because when you’re 10 years old, birthdays are everything. As I got older I realised that birthdays are millstones, each one just weighing us down a little more and, for mum, the anniversary was always the biggie. So my focus gradually changed as I started to respond to her preference. When I got married myself, I understood.

I like to remember people as they were, not to eulogise them in death. My mother had her faults, she was a constant struggle to get on with, just as I’m sure I was and still am. But lots of people live way beyond 77 these days, and I can’t help but think that my daughter could have used her gran a little while longer.


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