Mrs Bump and I visited a place called Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth yesterday. The word “quay” gives away the former use, for Portsmouth was (and is) a major port on the south coast of England. The word “gun” also tells you something, because Portsmouth had a big naval presence, although their footprint is much smaller now. Charles Dickens was born here in the early 19th century.

As the ports declined, so too the quays fell into disuse. Until some bright spart decided that there was money in it, and turned the place into a swanky shopping outlet village. You might know them as something different – designer stores which kid you that they are selling you the goods you’d find in their regular, High Street outlets, but a lot cheaper.

That’s where we went today. But I really don’t like shopping so I left that to Mrs Bump, and opted to take a bunch of photos instead.

The big tower you see in the photos is the Spinnaker Tower. I’ve featured it before on my “Life Through the Lens” series. It was a millenium project (opened in 2005, go figure!) which, as far as I know, is purely ornamental. There is an elevator to ascend to a viewing platform, which affords panoramic views. We went up there once – the viewing platform’s floor is partially made of glass, so you can take the opportunity to look vertically down. It’s only about 400 feet (120m) – anyone fancy that?

Anyway I really enjoyed my day out in the sunshine, although I was tired at the end. I probably took too many photos, but what glorious weather!


    • we’re only about 45 minutes from there so can have the day there quite easily, but having said that I’m mor into the scenery than the shopping. I can remember going one other time in the 5 years since my stroke. One year, daughter and I went on a boat tour of the harbour (fascinating) while Mrs B shopped.

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    • You can buy these if you want one! I believe that because loads of people loved them, then sell them off rather than melting them down. I used to follow Torchwood, the spin-off, did you ever get that?


  1. Fab photos, Pete! You’re a great photographer. Loved the social distance dining pic; reminded me of the Bubble Boy episode from Seinfeld lol! Beautiful day! Glad you survived the shopping; I hate it, too, and do 99% online. A great day to be by the water people watching. That’s my favorite spectator sport! Thanks for sharing your day with us! 🌞

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