Reblog: Songshine Sunday #7

KK just posted on our blog, Songshine Sounds.

The thing about the Sunday track is that it is supposed to be uplifting, and I think this hits the mark, don’t you? I can certainly hear the twangs that I associate with African music in there.

Songshine Sounds

Graphig for the Songshine Sunday post

Whether or not there’s sunshine where you are in the world this Sunday, we hope you’ll enjoy a sunny track, and that it uplifts your spirit.

To celebrate World Africa Day, which was May 25th, a trio of powerhouse artists, David Guetta, Akon and Master KG, collaborated to bring us a new uplifting track, “Shine Your Light.” It’s impossible to not feel a glow from the positive energy, and afro-house rhythms radiating from this song.

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