Hanging up my Cleats

This is my response to the earlier Flashback Track Friday prompt, where today we are thrown Andante, Andante by Abba and asked to answer:

As which musical term would you describe yourself?

Actually this is pretty easy for me, although I did veer.

I was going to describe myself as a bassoon, based on the music below. But actually, the bassoon gives a beautiful, smooth, rich tone, which I don’t think describes me at all.

But largo certainly does describe me. Slow, lumbering, elephant-like, it just so happens to be the bassoon playing in this excellent piece by Malcolm Arnold. This piece is just about two minutes, and you can hear the bassoon solo towards the end.

That’s me it’s describing..

I should add, this was not always the case. Once, I was both skinny and fit, thanks to cycling so much. But then the stroke happened, so slow and lumbering is now about right. I’m fortunate that I am mobile, that I did walk again, but I think my cycling days are over.

But I don’t want to make things sound worse than they are. I get by. I can walk if needs be, just not very far. I’m useful, and in the voluntary work I do over the phone, mobility doesn’t matter. And I enjoy doing things online, especially blogging, where again, it’s irrelevant.


  1. Yes, largo describes how you feel physically or how your motions feel, but mentally your more like the first half of the piece. Sprinting, sprightly, upbeat, and lively. So, overall, good selection.

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