Who Won the Week (9 May 2021)

In response to Fandango’s Who Won the Week post, I have been looking at my own newsfeeds.

In the UK, we had local elections this week. In every nation of the UK, the incumbents did well, which is unusual as elections go. The real effect of the COVID vaccine.

One area which raised an eyebrow was in Scotland, where the Scottish National Party did well. So they won my week. And I wish them well because they are a left wing party, which fits more closely to my own politics, although the fit isn’t exact.

As the name suggests, these people are indeed nationalists. Front and centre of their policies is to withdraw from the UK. To make the UK just the K, I suppose.

Now, I can’t argue with that. My central mantra is that everybody has a right to choose for themselves where they fit in, so if Scotland chooses that it fits better outside the UK than inside, so be it. It’s a shame because I think that, properly governed, we are all stronger together, but it is always that phrase “properly governed” which opens the can of worms.

And again, I can’t complain there. It was that phrase “properly governed” which caused me to reject the EU. (I’d also reject the UK, by the way.)

In Scotland, the system is rigged to make it difficult for one party to get an absolute majority. That seems to be a good thing, because absolute power is a bad thing. We should try that in the rest of the UK, too.

But here’s the rub. The SNP’s #1 goal is independence. That is fine as a strategic goal, but there are also shorter-term. tactical goals. In Scotland’s case (any country, really), everyday things like running health services, education etc.

It kinda worries me a little, whether the SNP have got the right balance between strategy and tactics.


    • It’s very difficult to tell with them, whether people vote for them because they broadly agree with their policies (which is roughly where I’d fit), or whether they vote for them because they wish to be independent.

      There was a vote in 2014 where they decided to stay, but that was on the basis of the UK being a part of the EU. When the UK voted to leave the EU, I figure that changed the game somewhat. It’s difficult to think of a direct US equivalent but I guess it is similar to a state voting to secede.

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