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This is my response to the earlier Flashback Track Friday prompt, where today we are thrown the Dylan track Forever Young and asked:

What is your best advice for the next generation?

My sole advice to children,
It’s easy to deduce,

However horny you may feel,
Please do not reproduce.

Short and sweet today. I deliberately wanted to keep it on point, I wanted it to be blunt.

Many of my more recent followers will not know my back story. I have a daughter, who has now grown up and left home. In fact, she left home at age fifteen, when she was taken into care. I did not object, I was glad to see the back of her by then.

In most families, where the child is taken into care, it is because of addiction. Not with us. Both Mrs Bump and I were university graduates and had professional jobs. When my daughter started to become known to the police, early teens, our local Social Services got involved, but we were always told that whatever help was available, we didn’t qualify. Things came to a head when she was fifteen, and accused Mrs Bump and I of abusing her. Such is the paranoia about this in society, she was taken into care. If you’d like to know what happened to us, read a few of my other posts at random and decide for yourself whether I am a child abuser.

I had long since had enough and refused to have her back here to live. She still maintains a kind of relationship with Mrs Bump, but for me, any kind of relationship ended there. I have zero interest in reconciliation. There is a time in any relationship, even one with children, where you shake hands, wish them well, and walk briskly in the other direction. You don’t think so? Try having one of them accuse you of abuse!

What she wants, I neither know nor care.

Six months after all this, by the way, I had a stroke. I am left disabled as a result, the quality of my life has been drastically reduced and I blame her as a big contributory factor.

It’s fair to say, my daughter would give me a 0/10 for parenting skills.

For my part, being a father was one of the things I was looking forward to most of all when Mrs Bump and I decided to have a child. It is the single most disappointing experience of my life. In fact, it will probably end my life way earlier than otherwise.

So, if you have a good relationship with your parents or children, please don’t take that for granted.

All in all, I’m probably not the best qualified person to answer this question, am I? Maybe one of you guys can do better?

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed large IT systems, interrupted by a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Now mix development of health-related software with voluntary work and writing. Married, with an estranged daughter.

2 thoughts on “Blunt”

    1. Seriously I think it is a very sensible decision these days, not to have children. But it order to come to that decision you need to do a certain about of thinking, and most people are too busy screwing.

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