Reblog: Flashback Track #9

I’m excited because KK posted her Flashback Track Friday prompt, and I think I already know what I will write about later. It will just be a case of getting the words out when I break from working. Not sure how I’ll write it yet.

Yard Sale of Thoughts

Life’s luckiest combinations often happen purely by chance. Today’s flashback track is an example of a peculiar combination of luck. American rock band, Tommy James and the Shondells released “Crimson and Clover” in late 1968 as a rough mix after a radio station interview secretly recorded the track and “accidentally” leaked it. As the band was leaving the radio station, they heard, “World Premier” and their unfinished track being blasted over the van radio.

In a song facts interview, James stated “I had these mixed emotions. Because there’s the biggest station in the country playing my record every half hour, and making a monster out of it, and it was a rough mix, and so I could hear all the little imperfections. When it went Top Ten, I said, ‘Well, it’s not so bad, I guess.'” The song then spent a lucky 16 weeks on the Billboard Charts…

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