for the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge of 20 March 2021, alien.


  1. Thank goodness we have moved on.
    I voted to stay in the EU. It made little difference to me personally, but I knew that leaving would create untold problems for businesses that rely on the EU.

    Right now, seeing the way it dragged its heels, both in ordering the vaccine and the slow roll out, plus the way it is attempting to steal vaccine from countries that already ordered ahead of it makes me glad we’re not in the EU.

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    • I guess I am more fatalistic about the vaccines. I don’t think we are properly covered until we are all covered so when the right nations start fighting it feels like shuffling the deckchairs,

      I was anti EU because of the lack or representation but, you know, I’d have voted against the Westmineter parliament too. They all need to pull their socks up.


      • I think the first jab probably protects us for a decent while until the second one. I saw where they’d tested the antibodies in a number of people after three months and it was quite high. Though in my case I’ll probably be oozing them now!

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