From just a few hours ago. I wasn’t going to post again tomight but I thought you might like this:

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed IT systems in finance, but had a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Returned to developing mainly health-related software from home, plus some voluntary work. Married, with a grown-up, left-home daughter.

39 thoughts on “Sunset”

            1. I loved Hamburg – it is very similar to a British city. That is for the Netherlands too, very dimilar, but refershingly European!
              No, Germany is about as far east as I have been, even then only as far as the Rhein. West of that, I know quite well, but not east. Having said that I have had isolated holidays in Italy and in Greece.

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              1. I had huge travel plans for my tenure here, to include London, Normandy, and Paris. Maybe even Spain. Might still get a chance to visit a few, I suppose. Headed back to Wash. DC this upcoming August, but I’d like to teach abroad again soon.

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                1. When I worked in the USA, Wash, DC was the very first place. Chantilly, Va, by Dulles. But I was’nt enamoured by the burb lifestyle. I much preferred it when the company settled in NYC.All a lifetime ago…

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                  1. It’s not my favorite, either. Although I was living in Leesburg, which has a bit of its own charm. Did you visit there? I loved going to NYC on the weekends. I would take the Friday bus after work and return on Sundays. Always thought about renting something in the city and writing one summer, but it hasn’t happened, yet.

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                    1. Leesburg? No, that’s a new name to me. Actually we visited very little – we went to DC itself and saw the sights – it was scary because a block in the wrong direction and you were in the middle of the ghetto. We visited Arlington and I remember going to an enormous mall at (?) Chevvy Chase. That place name stuck in my head for obvious reasons. But this was all mid-nineties.
                      It was so backward that I remember going into a burger restaurant and asking what they had for vegetarians, and they replied “green salad”.

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                    2. Yeah, not much vegetarian here in Germany either. Quite the meat and potato place. Won’t be looking forward to the dangers of D.C. but I like living out by the Potomac, and biking the river. There is beauty there……anywhere, I guess, if you look for it.

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                    3. I love biking. It is truly tops here! So many trails and easy to get to many lakes with a good 40 min bike each way. I write a lot of poems on my bike trips. I’ve posted a few here under baubles, but I have many more.

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                    4. Yes, I’ve been metricsized…..I can do other euro tricks to like convert F’ to C’ 😉 still working on grams and pounds, though. Impressive cycling. I bike everyday, but there’s more leisure than distance most days.
                      I’ve been writing poetry a long time, so there may be a few shelves of journals and lots of word docs shoved into poetry folders on my computer. Most days I write a poem and I always write a haiku. 😉

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                    5. Haven’t had that for years! Once worked with a South African, who introduced me to it. I unce used to stockpile a tea I could only get if France. It was a black tea, but blended. Had rose, caramel in it iirc. We have lots of tea here but mostly just ordinary.

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                    6. I did find a funny the other day, though. This app I am writing, I wanted to pre-load it with medicines approved by the FDA (among others). Even the USA typically measures its medicine doses in milligrams! I don’t know, the nonsense I pick up…

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                    7. Well, I walked today to the market as I popped a tire yesterday—not exactly sure how. New tire to be in today. I notice more walking, the first blooms here hiding like Easter eggs. It’s warm today which means I can write on the balcony this evening. 🙂

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