My Flexible Friend

for the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge of 13 February 2021, plastic.

Hmmm… so the prompt word is plastic, and the response can be flexible. I can think of only one thing. Any UK readers remember this?

For non-UK readers, Access was the forerunner to Mastercard in the UK, in the days before globalisation. Same thing, different branding. I guess the relationship is similar to Marathon and Snickers, or Opal Fruits and Starburst, if you ever heard of those. See how I always somehow get back to food?

Just for a bit of fun, why not post below any “old” product names below, that have since become globalised? I remember Milky Bars used to be made by Nestles, presumably because it was thought that Brits couldn’t cope with letters with accents, but what about you?


  1. Oh, yes I remember that card.
    Whenever we watched American films everyone seemed to use a credit card instead of cash and I couldn’t understand why. So when my late husband got his card I was horrified that he would spend money that we didn’t have!

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