Who Won the Week (31 January 2021)

In response to Fandango’s Who Won the Week post, I have been looking at my own newsfeeds.

I found a story this week which I’m sure will be an, er, winner for the guy involved.

Over to Japan, to a town called Saitama, north of Tokyo, and entrepreneur Shota Ishida has hit on what he thinks will be a winning idea.

Many people get anxious over the question “do I smell?” and, for a small percentage of these, it can be life-limiting. They realise that they will not get objective opinions from friends (if they have any) and so Ishida, who himself admits to having gone through spells of not bothering to change his clothes, has stepped in.

For the bargain fee of around $150, Ishida will send you a special tee to wear for the day. You then send it back to him at his company, Odorate (no, I’m not making this up!), and he will them perform a BO analysis on it using the gas chromatography mass spectrometer (GCMS) which he acquired, secondhand, to launch the business.

GCMS is real technology. It is used by people like perfume manufacturers to analyse the tiniest of particles, and is also used in forensic labs. It was even “used” by the TV franchise CSI!

For your fee, Odorate will not only analyse your tee for 25 of BO’s most pungent contributors, but will also, helpfully, supply you with tips on how to combat BO.

Er, wash?



  1. Moan! The ideas people can think of to make money — and the things people will pay big bucks for!
    Makes me think of a friend who went to a health centre of sorts for a month, paying $70 a day to fast. She was given a tiny room with a bed and dresser; she read, meditated, strolled around the place — nothing physical. She didn’t realize all that fasting was eroding her bones as well as her bank balance.

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