Out of the Blue

Wow. I was sitting here coding away, when I got a phone call from Mrs Bump. If you remember, she is a nurse at the local surgery.

Apparently, the surgery have been given a small amount of vaccines to e.g. vaccinate the local nursing home. Well, they did that, and had some doses to spare. The vials containing the vaccine are supposed to contain eight doses, but some contain as many as eleven, so it is a bit imprecise.

Now, knowing that, what I would have done is to come up with some kind of “standby” list, of vulnerable people who were able to visit the surgery at short notice.. Because once prepped, the vaccine must be administered within a few hours, or it is useless

But… organisation? NHS?

The upshot is that 45 minutes ago I got a call from my wife. Because they unexpectedly had some spare doses, they first vaccinated staff (so, my wife got her jab) and then put the call out to family members.

So, 20 minutes ago, I got mine. First dose, at any rate.

Upper arm, and must have been a tiny needle because I hardly felt it go in.

In the UK, this was the vaccine we commonly call the Oxford vaccine. International readers might know it better as the AstraZeneca vaccine.


Six hours later. Both my wife and I have felt a slight burning sensation on the site of the vaccine, but as far as I am concerned, I wouldn’t even describe it as “uncomfortable”. She has also mentioned a slight nausea, but I have felt nothing.


  1. Good to hear. Wife and I are “registered” to get an appointment that may be another two to three weeks away. Really a “fluster cuck” here. It now seems the plan was like the king with no clothes.

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    • We have heard on our media just that the US is having trouble with distribution, and it was being blamed squarely on the outgoing administration. I’m sure there was some truth in that, but that can’t be the whole story. At least now, federal agencies such as the army can be used to solve that problem?


  2. At least they weren’t wasted, that’s the main thing, actually a bonus if there was slightly more than expected, so no one has missed out. Everyone will get done and we all still have to isolate till we have all had second jabs and a few weeks have passed – I think…

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    • Apparently, this is common with these vaccines – the number of doses per vial is greater than published . So the whole NHS, everywhere, needs to be building up these lists. The worst case here is that this stuff gets tossed down the sink, as you say, but they should really be aiming to be smarter. Of course, I benefitted personally, but there are many people mho need it more urgently than I do. I’m very low risk since I don’t mix much anyway. I had envisioned staying home for months, yet.

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  3. The outgoing administration will be accused for everyting including Asian typhoons and African snowstorms; that requires not a lot of explaining, is expected, exploiting a ready-made absolution. Political modus operandi. — Hope all goes well with your exercise as Guinea Pig. Keep us informed. We can ill afford to loose one of our sparkling WP stars even if momentarily because his arm is sore from the little jab’ll do ya. Now, excuse me, I’ll start another pot of coffee (so I’ve something to ruin my keyboard perusing PM Hobbo) and getting my daily dose from my other WP heroes.

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    • We used to use that one all the time. The guy who wrote the mess? … was the guy who just left! At the last minute, I thought about my typing arm, and got the jab in my bad arm instead. So, I can at least get on with my afternoon’s work as planned.

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    • Last night I told her I wanted a divorce (again!). But yes, as an idvividual, I was not going to refuse it, although looking at the big picture, they have had a year to draw up lists of vulnerable people so this really should have been better-organised. I can’t help thinking that, if I just came across this post, written by someone else, that would be my first thought.
      But I know people in real life who say they are afraid to have the jab, because of an adverse reaction. While I’m sure that happens in a small number of cases, I wanted to share my experience.

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        • Well, I actually told her, but I was joking. Does that count? I say that to her about twice a week! I’m trying to think what it was about… oh yes, unwrapping a pizza. T(hey are really difficult to unwrap one-handed because they are covered in shrink-wrapped plastic. She was fussing around, trying to help, but I have to manage trivial things like this for myself. You’ll be pleased to hear I forgave her 10 minutes later!

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