Happy Birthday To Me

It was my birthday during the holidays. I’m not so big on buying things these days, but, a few weeks later, I bought myself a little toy, which came today.

Last weekend, my missus told me that a shopping channel had a special deal on those things they call “truly” wireless ear phones. You know, you can listen to music from your phone, but with absolutely no wires anywhere.

Now, I like that idea, but they were always too expensive, These too were expensive, but they were Bang and Olufsen – for such a prestigious name, bery reasonable. But still too expensive for me. My listening is not worth that kind of money these days.

But it obviously sowed a seed, and I got to wondering if maybe the price had come down generally. So I had another look that evening. and lo and behold saw some that were rated really highly for just ยฃ40 (about $55). So I thought I’d give them a whirl.

They arrived today and, for the money, I am blown away.

Skullcandy Jib. I’d heard of the make in passing, but never had anything from them before.

Any bets on how long it’ll take me to lose one?


  1. Neat! Since I have hearing aids, I know how you feel about losing one. At least you can have them on at home with no mask. When my mask elastic gets tangled in my behind-the-ear hearing aid so easily, I’m so afraid I’ll pop out a hearing aid that will land on the cement and…goodbye $2000 ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  2. Happy belated birthday. They sound like a great thank you gift for my son. I will look into it. I can see how you might mislay an earphone, but a hearing aid! Cannot see how anyone could do that, theyโ€™re either in your ears or charging up on the charger. Though I can understand them being dropped

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  3. My kids got together and bought me Apple AirPods Pro earbuds for Christmas. They are great, comfortable to wear and are noise canceling. The only problem is that each ear bud doesnโ€™t have individual volume controls. Iโ€™m close to deaf in my left ear and would love to be able to make the volume in the left ear louder, but then the volume would be way too loud for my right ear. Oh well.

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    • No I don’t think these do eother, but as one of the cheapest… I had a quick view of the user manual (which they very trendily publish as a YouTube video) and they do allow you to listen with just one bud, but allow very little control otherwise. There’s basically one button on each, so it is things like “push it once to do this”, “push it twice to do that”. And, of course, three times to do the other ๐Ÿคฃ

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  4. My husband bought a pair in September. He misplaced it eight timestamp till date…But we tracked it all these times. Once it fell out into a ditch( it was dry with only piled up leaves) during our evening walk.

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    • that’s what I’m afraid of, too.. I have set myself a rule that they either have to be in my ear or in the case, and if I lose them, I lose them. It is possible to mislay these tiny gadgets even around the house, I’ve found.

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    • Yes, Bluetooth.
      They state that the battery life is 6 hours, but I have only used them for 1 hour so far. But they have a little carry-case, you put the buds in this case to charge them and for general safe-keeping. The case plugs into USB to charge them. The case is also a powerpack, and they say that it is good for 16 hours of charge. So, they say that the buds are good for 22 hours in total.
      The limiting thing for a blind person, you have to put the buds into the case in a particular way, so that they charge properly. The way you jnow they are in properly, they have an LED which comes on when they are stitting right. So if you couldn’t see the LED, you would have to just use your judgement. I’m still finding it tricky to put them into the case properly, though I expect I’ll get used to it. But seeing these LEDs is how you know eyerything is charging nicely.

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  5. Happy belated birthday Pete!!! I hope that you had a magical birthday filled with laughter and surprises. May the next year be abundant with happiness, success, good health, peace, a some adventure, a generous measure of fun and no COVID19 for you! May your next trip around the sun be your best one yet! ๐ŸŒŸ

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