Photograph of Donald Trump giving a speech.

I’ve read a few pretty agitated posts this morning, some of the authors surprised me as I don’t normally think of them as firebrands.

I think the US now needs to decide where its priority lies. Righting the wrongs? or, gaining some revenge against the perpetrators?

It seems prudent that step should be taken to limit Trump’s influence for his remaining few days in office. But beyond that, where is it going to focus its energies? On the old or the new?

Make no mistake – the more important, this is either/or.

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed IT systems in finance, but had a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Returned to developing mainly health-related software from home, plus some voluntary work. Married, with a grown-up, left-home daughter.

10 thoughts on “Retribution”

  1. Thanks for your post my friend. We are in a perilous spot these days for sure. Two things stand out to me from your post. One, we have to limit and punish Trump for his acts. We keep a short leash on him as to further acts he might perpetrate. But more importantly, punish him with sedition charges for inciting his people to attack the capital. We cannot ignore that lest any future president thinks they too can get away with it. Unfortunately, he will be made an example.

    Second, the part that scares me is how the democrats will govern. Will they go so hard and fast to the left that we will see this again in four years? They seem to be chomping at the bit to undo all of Trumps “work”. I just hope they don’t govern with revenge in mind – it won’t be any better for the country as a whole.

    We are at a dangerous fork in the road where either path seems fraught with problems.

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  2. If I were asked, I’d say focusing on fixing our broken country ought to be the first priority of the new ‘broom’. BUT. In my opinion only, fixing (righting) the wrongs, includes bringing those who were responsible for the past four year debacle to justice. Would I want to decide what justice they deserve? Far, far too high above my pay grade chum. I’m a teensy cog in a big machine, a machine that badly needs overhauling because there’s so much wrong with it that it’s hard to see what’s right any longer. Firebrand? I’d be proud to be called that. I know some of the things I’d do were I asked, but I won’t be asked. One of our largest problems (as I see it) is that our government has stopped having any sort of connection with the people. It’s an old problem, and has happened to scores of civilizations before ours. Usually what happens is ‘tear it down and build again’. I hope it doesn’t come to that end. I’m too old to fight any more. Maybe they’ll just euthanize those like me. That would solve some of their problems too.

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  3. Pete, I don’t think this is an either/or situation. Sure, we must look forward, but those responsible for participating in this insurrection — Trump’s army of MAGA thugs — and, more importantly, the man who instigated and cheered on these seditious acts, must be punished. America cannot simply turn the other cheek. To move forward, those who promoted the attempt to overthrow the government through violence and those who promoted in, including but not limited to Donald Trump, must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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  4. Moving forward but also holding people accountable for their crimes. That isn’t the President’s job though. Limiting the orange menace’s access to social media is a smart move, along with any nutjobs planning or inciting more crimes…

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