Weekly Prompts (2 January 2021)

I’ve posted this song before but I thought it was a good fit for today’s Weekly Prompt, which is white. This is a nice versionof White Flag, by Dido.

Sue, I’m sure you’ll read this when you’re well enough, so I’m sending my best wishes. If it is any consolation, you didn’t miss much as everyone else is locked down anyway!

No White Flag.

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed IT systems for banks, but had a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Returned to developing from home, plus do some voluntary work. Married, with a grown-up, left-home daughter.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts (2 January 2021)”

  1. Morning Pete,

    Thank you for your best wishes. Hope all remains well with you.

    It’s a nasty virus that repeatedly hits back. But on the positive side I am feeling much better, still a bit breathless when I try to do anything other than sitting around, but that has improved a lot. And even the fatigue is improving, so all in all a good outlook ahead. Thank you very much Pete 🙂
    Stay as you are it’s not safe out there.

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    1. I follow somebody called Natalya. Say the word and I will find out exactly. Anyway, she posted at the weekend that she thinks she had covid way back at the start – and her stamina took months to come back. I got the impression that she is at full-strength now, but this is 9 months afterwards. Okus she is only 29 so presumably has the rest of her health going for her.

      Our numbers have gone through the roof, btw, latest number 52 where most of last summer it was under 3. I am okay because I am staying home, but I worry about Mrs Bump who is still working, albeit in full PPE. Hopefully now that lockdown has been declared she will revert to what they did them – no face-to-face appts. http://covid.downton.info/Home/Chart

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  2. Thank you for the chart and for the information about Natalya.

    We were still in Tier three up here but I can understand why everyone is included in lockdown. I heard on the news that the UK has more infections than France, Italy and Spain combined- thanks to the new variant.

    Son Joss recovered speedily but is remaining here for the duration of the lockdown.

    The staff at his school have been divided into two groups, Teaching from home, or teaching the key worker children in school. He will teach from home and has set up a work station in the kitchen/living room. I’m staying upstairs in the sitting room as I have throughout my illness. So it works out well.

    I hope Mrs Bump remains safe and well.

    Thanks again, Pete

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    1. The one positive from this is that you might have some antibodies for a while – I’m not sure what the score is with that. So, you could go out for lunch again, Except everyone else will be staying home 🤣

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