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Just a conversation I imagined. I try to avoid politics but some things are just dumb.


We could use some widgets…


We make widgets. We could trade with you, if you like.


Ah, but you make square widgets. Our market needs round widgets. Can’t you make round ones instead?


No, sorry.


Why not?


Because we can’t have you deciding what shape widgets we’ll make. We demand sovreignty on this – we’ll make the widgets we decide.

So, do you still want those widgets, then?


Er, no, it’s okay. We can get round ones from Ceeland instead

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed IT systems in finance, but had a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Returned to developing mainly health-related software from home, plus some voluntary work. Married, with a grown-up, left-home daughter.

13 thoughts on “Sovreignty”

  1. Very much on point – being isolated and so diehard about “me first” and “my way or the highway” is so ignorant in this day and age. We don’t live in a world any more where battles are fought months after the war is over. News travels around the globe at the touch of a button…we have to be flexible and stay engaged with all of our neighbors from Ayland to Zeeland.

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  2. The global marketing dilemma. 🙂
    But nowadays this dialogue might also read like…
    Ayland: “We had to quit producing our own widgets. Making them polluted our air. Do you have any?”
    Beeland: “Oh, yes. And I assure you that we’re using the strictest pollution controls. Our widgets cost $20 each.”
    Ayland: “Forget it. We can get them from Ceeland for $5 each. Much easier on our royal treasury.”

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  3. Great discussion going here. I understand the idea of being proud of and wanting to protect ones home country; it’s economy; it’s people. These are solid arguments for any nation- and must be respected.

    I remember when the US was a premier machine tool builder. They were solid, trouble free for the most part, and lasted for years. Along came Japan and their cheaper throw away machines that undercut US builders. Now, there is only one builder left and even it is owned by the Japanese. Because we couldn’t or wouldn’t change we lost thousands of jobs.

    I have no answer as to what’s the best way to protect ones country and it’s economic sovereignty. What I am sure of is starting a trade war with China as our Potus did was a stupid idea.

    I’m all ears to hear more thoughts folks.

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    1. I think especially because so much of the US is owned by China!
      Believe it or not, when I had the stroke I was taking a break from IT and had trained to be my first love, a bicycle mechanic. The best tools company, bar none, was a US company called Park Tools. I think that is how we win – we can’t be the cheapest but we can be the best.


        1. Actually, I supported Brexit but this sovreignty argument is nonsense. Look up Tony Benn on YouTube and they are approximately my views.I think every country should reject the EU and we should all demand something better.

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