Progress (28 December 2020)

I used the computer yesterday pretty normally. In particular I was able to write some code, which is the important thing.

Most of my magnifications are returned to what they were before my eyes felt suddenly worse. I don’t get a perfect picture, but then again, I never did.

I realised that with the magnifications returned to normal, there wasn’t really any way of looking at progress, so I dowbloaded an eye chart. It’s just an image, but I can look at it day after day, it will be the same size on my screen, so I can tell if I’m getting better or worse.

To give you an idea, if I look out of both eyes, I can see well enough to type this. The only thing I sometimes have a problem seeing is the cursor. With the bad eye only, I see white where there is “page”, and black where there is text. I see a vague block, but nothing more detailed.

The funny thing here is how these things play with your mind. All these what if? s. What if the bad eye doesn’t improve? What if the same thing happens in what is currently the good eye? If I had this in both eyes, there’s no way I could handle a computer, so that would be that. And it’s quite scary because that is how I’ll disappear from WordPress – I’ll go quiet but the regular post will continue to appear each week, because only just before Christmas I made sure I had 6 months of these photos queued up.

Overthinking. What will be will be.

On the plus side, everything felt easier in late afternoon the other day, and again yesterday, so I will look again today – armed with my eye chart – and see if this “feeling” correlates to actual improvement.


  1. I understand. And I understand your fears. I too struggle, feeling that one day very soon, I will lose the ability to post and use my iPad. Pete, there are Apps that can help. IPads are good. You can use Voice Over but I myself am still getting used to being blind and being able to still post etc. I know what you mean about the cyrsor. I can’t see it either. If you want some help with possible ways of dealing with it, I can try. Hope things don’t get any worse for you. I now just how frightening this is. All the best to you.

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