How To Search for/in Comments

Just spotted a funny with WordPress.

I had a look in my Spam Comments folder. I do that once or twice a week, just to keep tabs on Akismet.

This week, I found five comments! Usually, there are zero or one. The comments were all from the same, bona fide person.

The trouble is, as soon as I hit “approve”, the comment disappeared. So I’d had the chance to approve it, but not to Like or Reply to them. I could remember some of the posts, but not all. And, my posts can sometimes attract 20-odd comments, so just looking in WP’s list of Approved Comments would have been like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The solution?

Well, this is once again an area where the wp-admin site wins out. The normal site, at… might be slicker, but, is a darned site more powerful. If you’re interested, wp-admin comes from the core WordPress offering at give slicker management in some areas, but in the process, they dumb it down.

wp-admin gave me the ability to sift through every comment ever made by that particular user, regardless of date, so their five recent comments, I was straight there. From there, I could easily Like and Reply.

Incidentally, this was a general-purpose search box, so I could search for any comment, by anybody at any time, containing a specific word, even.


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