Anyone Else Notice This?

If I decide to respond to a prompt, one I already responded to in the last few weeks, I’ll scroll down my list of posts and hit “copy”.

So, a new post comes up, a straight copy of the first. It has all the graphics/categories/tags set up already, but of course I need to then write my actual response.

The other thing I do is to update my hyperlink back to the thing I’m responding to, because that link’s gonna be a different page on the prompter’s site.

A few months ago, I started to notice that this link wasn’t being updated. That’s funny, I’d think. I must be more careful next time. And I could go back into the post, and sure enough the link hadn’t changed, but I could then edit it correctly. I doubt anyone would even notice, but it messes up pingbacks a tiny bit.

Anyway, over the months, I’ve become more and more careful about making sure I do this properly. Yet, it still happens. It just happened a few minutes ago – my FOWC post went live pointing to yesterdays prompt post. I’ve corrected it, but it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. What’s more, for this specific post, I’m convinced I reset the link before I put the post live.

And every time this happens, I’m left thinking, I could have sworn I changed that already. No matter how carefully I check, it still seems to happen. So I’m wondering, does anyone else see this or is it just me?


  1. I have not noticed this, but I will have to start looking more carefully and seeing what happens. For instance on my Flashback Friday’s I copy the post and save it as a draft and them go back and change the things that need changing I then click copy link and assume it has updated to the new post. Thanks for the heads up I will have to take a look.

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  2. I haven’t noticed, but I do know that when I reply to my comments, occasionally it won’t register the reply. I have to re-type it and send it again. I just put it down to another WP glitch.

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  3. Since I didn’t know one could even do that, I haven’t noticed. I DO ‘cut and paste’ from older posts I’ve written for prompts though. I don’t trust WP enough to rely that they’re updating and making things work as they ought to though. Probably best for you to check your information data at least when you use the option. If it continues, you might alert the ‘crappiness’ engineers about the problem. Might not do any good, but someone might have a suggestion or attempt to fix it. Best of luck!

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    • Copying entire posts is very useful, I find, even if just to use them as a start-point. It takes things like tags and categories acrodd to the new post, which is attractive if you’re lazy!
      I didn’t want to take it to the support staff unless I wasa sure it was a real problem, but so far it just seems to be just me.


    • Was gonna say, if you’ve never tried copying a post, try it. It’s risk-free. Nothing is saved until you either hit “Save as Draft” or “Publish”. The only thing you have to be sure of is that you did actually select “copy” and not edit.


  4. Yes, it’s the way I write my posts too. It’s especially useful for Gerry and me on Weekly Prompts because of the bumph at the bottom of our posts. I have been known to forget to change the featured image and the odd tag.

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    • Copying a post? Yeah, it’s useful provided you don’t have to look too hard for the post you want to copy from. The specific thing, nobody else noticed it so presumably me being dozy.


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